Hi! I'm Selina and I'm 19

Don't forget to make us proud
Don't forget to socialize
Don't forget to get A's
Don't forget to blend in
Don't forget to look good
Don't forget to be perfect
Fuck the world, at least you haven't murdered somebody today
But just in case you want to get away with it, here are some tips.


reblogging your own selfie like



hi hi guys!! ; u ; actually i passed 1.5k a few days ago but !!! it’s ok i planned to do this on my 1.5k mark so!! yeah!! leggo, bbies! i would really love love love to thank all of those that followed and supported me! ; w ; it means so so so so much! following is a list of the items offered!!
 ZARA peach pink lace dress , small. 

note: it has been lightly worn, but is still in v v good condition! 

 LIZ LISA white frilled tank , small.
 Music Legs striped thigh highs 
 Assorted snacks ( pocky + a bunch of random ones ! ) 
 A chibi drawn by me for you! 
 if this post hits 1k notes, i’ll add the following: 
Suki moisturizing lipstick
Suki Devil Mascara ( it comes with a ring! <3 ) 
Spring False Eyelashes + glue! 

☆ MBF me! ( tartkiss ) This is really important ‘cause it’s for my followers alone!! ; u ; Also, I’d really really love for you not to follow me only for the giveaway and just unfollow straight after, ‘cause it’s kinda hurtful to me, and you won’t be happy with a bunch of posts you don’t want on your dash!
☆ Reblogs & Likes are accepted! Reblog as much as you’d like, i’ll keep track of it all! Just try not to spam your followers, ehehe. 
☆ Giveaway Blogs are not allowed!! ; 0 ; I don’t really think I have to say anything about this one;;;;
☆ Winner must have their ask box open + have their parent’s permission~ You will have 48 hours to reply or i will pick a new one!
☆ Giveaway ends August 30th! If you cuties have any other questions, please please message me!! 

Also, this is only if it reaches a good amount of notes, or it won’t happen, aah. ; A;